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Webinar: Discover Your Scoliosis

Webinar: Discover Your Scoliosis

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If you or your family member has scoliosis, this webinar is for you!

Dive into scoliosis theory and empower yourself with knowledge of available treatment options. Watch this webinar for an enlightening journey founded in research and clinical experience from one of Canada's only private interdisciplinary clinics dedicated solely to people with scoliosis and other spine conditions!

In this informative webinar, Schroth-Certified physiotherapist Madison Williams guides you through the foundational theories and principles of scoliosis, screening tips, and available treatments. With this knowledge, you'll feel more in control of the health of your/your child's spinal health.

🌟 Highlights:

✅ Deep dive into the origins and causes of scoliosis

✅ Explore the unique features of a spine with scoliosis

✅ Learn common postural signs to watch out for in yourself and those you care for

✅ Gain insights into the latest treatment options and best practices

✅ Get answers to common questions, based on recent research and our experienced team of scoliosis-trained therapists


This webinar was held on October 17, 2023, and is part 1 of The ScoliClinic's 2023 Fall/Winter Webinar Series - to attend upcoming LIVE webinars, see 

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