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Webinar Bundle (Save 25%)

Webinar Bundle (Save 25%)

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Dive deep into understanding and managing scoliosis with our comprehensive bundle featuring four informative and practical webinars.

From exploring the reasons for scoliosis development, to mastering core strength and finding your neutral spine, this series equips you with essential knowledge and practical techniques for a proactive approach to scoliosis care. Whether you're newly diagnosed or seeking advanced insights, empower yourself with expert guidance and save 25% with this all-inclusive bundle.

This webinar bundle includes 1-year access to four webinars:

Part 1: Discover Your Scoliosis
Foundational theories and principles of scoliosis, screening tips, and available treatments

Part 2: Finding Center - What is 'Neutral Spine'?
Discover common unhelpful myths about posture, learn simple tips to help you find your neutral spine; practice sessions included

Part 3: Standing Tall - Exploring Elongation for Scoliosis
Learn many ways to find length and space in your unique spine, practice spinal decompression exercises, and active elongation techniques

Part 4: Core 101 - Building Core Strength for Scoliosis
Explore the "what", "why" and "how" of core strength, specifically for people who have scoliosis, hyperkyphosis, and spinal fusion. Learn how to choose and modify popular core exercises to suit your spinal curve

Click on each title above to purchase each of the webinars separately, or access all 4 of these webinars in one location by purchasing this bundle, and save 25%.

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