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Webinar 2: Finding Center - What is 'Neutral Spine'?

Webinar 2: Finding Center - What is 'Neutral Spine'?

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Have you ever heard the term 'Neutral Spine' and thought "what does that even mean?!" 

You aren't alone - this is a challenging concept to understand since it's different for each unique spine, especially for those with scoliosis.

In this interactive session, our Schroth-Certified Physiotherapist Madison Williams breaks down the concept of "Neutral Spine" in a simple and engaging way. Whether you're diagnosed with scoliosis, concerned about posture, or you're healthcare/movement professional looking for ways to teach these concepts to your clients... this webinar is for you!

Learn practical tips and tricks to achieve and maintain a neutral spine position, including:

✅ Discover common unhelpful myths about posture

✅ Learn The ScoliClinic's favourite simplified tips for finding Neutral Spine

✅ Practice finding & feeling your Neutral Spine

✅ Uncover common posture habits for people with scoliosis & how to catch them

Did you miss out on the foundational webinar that describes HOW scoliosis works and WHY the spine forms the shape that it does?  Don't worry - you can access 'Discover Your Scoliosis' here.

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This webinar was held on November 28th, 2023, and is part 2 of The ScoliClinic's 2023 Fall/Winter Webinar Series.

This session is part of a 4-webinar series: save 25% by purchasing our bundle.

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