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Webinar 3: Standing Tall - Exploring Elongation

Webinar 3: Standing Tall - Exploring Elongation

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Imagine your spine is like a spring... when you stretch a spring the coils must become straighter. This concept applies to a spine with scoliosis too.

In this practice-filled webinar led by Schroth-Certified Physiotherapist Madison Williams, you'll learn many ways to find elongation in your unique spine. Whether this information is for yourself, a family member, or a friend... and regardless if you're diagnosed with scoliosis yourself, or you're a fitness/movement professional looking to better teach these concepts to your clients... This webinar is for you!

✅ Learn why standing tall is even better than standing 'straight'

✅ Relieve back pain with our favourite decompressing stretches

✅ Strengthen your core and back with active elongation exercises

✅ Build confidence to modify each to feel good in your body

✅ Discover how to incorporate each into a busy life


 Did you miss out on the first foundational webinar in this series Discover Your Scoliosis? Not to worry! Ensure you're setup to get the most out of the remainder of the series by purchasing the recording on our online shop on

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This webinar was held on December 12th, 2023, and is part 3 of The ScoliClinic's  Fall/Winter Webinar Series - to attend upcoming LIVE webinars, see 

This session is part of a 4-webinar series: save 25% by purchasing our bundle.

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